All agreements,quotations,contracts,orders, are subject to approval and/or acceptane by the
Glassfit Ltd. We reserve the right to correct clerical or stenographic errors in agreements,quotations,orders,invoices and other contracts or documents.Prices and designs are subject to change without notice.

    All orders(including orders of special goods) must be in writting and accompanied with detailed prints and/or set of specifications,unless specifications of the order are definite and complete.Orders can not be cancelled unless customer agrees to pay for all work including engineering completed up to the time of cancellaton.

    We assume no responsibility for delayed delivery or defaults resulting from strikes,work stoppages.fires,floods,accidents,inability to obtain materials,or any other cause unavoidable and beyond our control.

    All claims for shortages,corrections or deductions must be made within 10 days after receipt of goods,Claims for goods lost or damaged during transportation should be filed with the carrier by the consignee.

    No goods may be returned without our written permission and we assume no responsibility for any goods returned without such permission.all returns are to be made with freight prepaid. non-standard or customized  glass fittings are not returnable.
Glassfit Ltd's quotations and contracts are based on FOB or CIF prices,These prices do not include any customs duty .

Glassfit Ltd. warrants its products againts defects in manufacturing if the products are used for the purposes for which they are manufactured and sold.This warranty shall expire one year from date of shipments.